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Welcome to us!


We at Svenska Neptun AB would like to wish you welcome to our world of hydro massage with an exciting range of whirlpool baths, steam showers and outdoor spa. We are proud to present our highest-quality product range ever.

Swedish Neptun AB is one of the oldest companies in the industry. We have a high-quality line of bathtubs, whirlpool baths, spas, steam showers and outdoor spa. Since its inception in 1991 we have over the years continuously developed and refined our concept.


In 2011 we celebrated our great 20-year anniversary, with among others a specially designed free-standing bath designed by Simon & Tomas.

Our thought and philosophy is to you for many years to enjoy our product and feel the comfort and relaxation in a comfortable and secure manner. The abundant standard equipment in a Neptune whirlpool is often optional in other brands.

Our wide range you will find the course a product that suits you and your family. Through our nationwide network of resellers and service, we are always close to you.


See you soon!

Per Adolfsson with staff


Råå JULskyltning 22 november med Neptun

Den 22 november är det årlig Julskyltning på Råå och julbad med NEPTUN och Rååbadarna utanför Restaurang & SPA Trivas, kom och bada!

19   nov
Big Brother

Se vår SPA modell Dynasty Club One i Big Brother som visas nu, mycket uppskattat!

28   okt