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Is the matter covered by warranty or not?

To determine whether the case is covered by any warranty, we need the product purchase date and the place of purchase. These data are available on the receipt you received from your provider. Keep the receipt at hand if necessary to prove your date of purchase. Are you missing a receipt, please contact your dealer. If you can not prove your date of purchase you will be charged for the costs we have to correct the error.

Why should I fill in serial number in the error report?

If we know the serial number/order number of he product, we know which parts your product is constructed of. If we don’t know the serial number, we can not get the right spare parts.

How do I know which serial number the product got?

It depends on the product. Below is a list of locations

LA Spas
The name plate mounted on the outside of the panels down to the ground or on top of the control cabinet, inside the housing. Remove the service door to read the sign.

Neptun Spa
Directly inside the service hatch.

Steam showers
On the outside of the middle section.

Bath & Massage Bath
On the inside of the bracket to the pump or written with ink on the outside of the bath. Demount the front to view the data.

Why should I fill out the customer's contact details in the error report?

The customers’ contact information is needed if we are to maintain direct contact with the customer in the service case.

Do I have to fill in the e-mail to the dealer in the error report?

You fill in the e-mail address to the dealer so that we can inform you about what happens.

How do I send images that confirm the error report?

You can submit up to four photographs showing the error, and these must be in image formats jpg, png, gif. Size up to 1Mb per image.

What happens after the form is sent to Neptun?

Immediately after the notification is sent, you will receive a case number by e-mail to be used in any dialogue on the matter with Neptun. The e-mail also contains all further information you may need.


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